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Training courses have been designed to correspond to actual operating situations.

Al-Manhal’s product, system, process and technology training is intended for work supervisors, engineers, technicians, users, programmers and maintenance workers. The training is offered to Al-Manhal’s customers, partners and own personnel.

Training needs vary according to the background of the company, plant or personnel. We offer training services in Jordan in the following areas, among others:

Products and systems
Commissioning and user training
Service and maintenance training
Customer-specific tailored courses

Accurate training will add your capability to respond rapidly and efficiently in any given situation hence improving operational efficiency of your assets.

Renewable energy in Jordan - Training

Advantages Of Training

Improves The Performance

Training improves the performance of the employees. It helps them to become more skilled and more productive.

Reduces Wastage

When the trainees learn about the right use of the products they know how to use the machine effectively and minimize the wastage. So, training helps to reduce wastage.

Make Trainee Skilled

Training made the employees more skilled and more professional. Because when an employee gets the training he learns many new tricks which helps them to become more skilled and more professional.

Trainees Become More Productive

After becoming more skilled and organized. Employees become more productive because they know the right method of using the machine, they minimize the wastage and become more productive.

Trainees Became Motivated

When the employees know what to do and how to do, they become more motivated because that time they know what is the distraction and how to control it. This can happen because of training. So, Trainees became motivated.

Improve Self-Confidence

When the employees trained they know about each process of the making products. if they are aware of everything, it will increase their self-confidence. Ultimately it will increase productivity.