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We are confident, MRE will be your smart choice as renewable energy partner to achieve the maximum outcome.

Al-Manhal Renewable Energy (MRE) specializes in both electric power and renewable energy. Established in 2014, Al-Manhal Renewable Energy (MRE) is a division of Al-Manhal Data Protection and Support a company that is over 30-years old. MRE is privileged to have an exceptional staff who are experts in their fields. Fully equipped to meet all customer requirements, MRE provides integrated services that will facilitate a qualitative leap into the field of energy. Al-Manhal is proud of being a leading Jordanian company that provides energy solutions specializing in the supply and installation of electrical protection systems (e.g. UPS and Generators),


Executed Projects

CO2 Saving

Our Mission

Our team at Al-Manhal Renewable Energy is dedicated to achieving one goal: Protection of data and equipment from critical energy problems for both organizations and for individuals. Our task is to offer best-quality solutions, services and products to all. We do this by first cultivating:

A comfortable work environment

Team spirit

Participation in local activities and social events

Technological development

Customer satisfaction

A good rapport with reputable suppliers who sell high quality products

Our Vision

Al-Manhal seeks to be the first of its kind in the field of protection relative to critical energy problems. Its objective is to provide alternative energy solutions by introducing innovative services and products to the market.

Why Al-Manhal

high level of professionalism

Over the years, Al-Manhal has built up its reputation based on its consistently high level of professionalism, and on its ability to provide guidance and advice on information-protection strategies. Our expertise comes from truly believing in everything we offer you:

We are flexible to work with. We design our solutions to suit your business. We don’t make you wait and we don’t leave you to fend for yourself.

We have the best equipment because we deal only with leading providers of technological solutions.

We offer the best safety solutions and advice. We make sure of their validity and suitability for your needs. We solve the problems you face and help you fit the solutions into your plans for the future.


Our team is highly qualified, skilled and knowledgeable about meeting your requirements.


We provide first-class products and service.


We clarify our agreements with you and our specific responsibilities toward you.


We work promptly to meet your needs.


We are committed to achieving a high degree of security and protection for you.


We are a trustworthy, reliable, ISO-certified company.



We Believe all accidents are preventable, so we do everything safely and responsibly or not at all.


We put the current and future needs of customers at the heart of everything we do.


We keep things simple, do the work that adds value and avoid wasting money, materials, energy or time.


Our Decisions and actions are ethical, responsible and balanced, helping to achieve environmental, economic and social wellbeing for current and future generations.


We strive to get better, smarter and more innovation and be the best in everything we do.


We support and value our colleagues and enjoy working together as a team in an open and honest way.

Quality Control

The quality control management system was developed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 to be able to:

Identify the processes and applications needed for a high quality management system that can regularly be developed and enhanced.

Recognize interactions and relationships between processes.


Pinpoint criteria and methods that ensure effectiveness of operational controls.


Provide resources and information that sustain the implementation and monitorization of operations.


Check, measure and analyze processes.


Utilize methods that achieve results and improve operations.

Quality Policy

Al-Manhal offers principled protection for investments along with information about our partners’ and customers’ expectations.

We perform a periodic review of goals based on systems and procedures, along with law-and-regulation compliance involving provision of services.

The management and staff at Al-Manhal believe that quality service is achieved not only by applying ISO 9001:2008 specifications and continually advancing the company’s quality control system, but it also comes about by having a caring attitude and conscientious dedication, which leads to even greater know-how and expertise.


Our market primarily consists of power protection consumers. It is made up of people who are not only looking for communication and network equipment protection but also crucial information about power supply interruption. Banks and companies in various sectors also come to us regarding information security and protection of confidential data.

Recently, Al-Manhal has endeavoured to provide renewable energy systems to customers who are looking for eco-friendly solutions.

We strive to resolve the most critical issues facing our clients. This means understanding customer needs in each type of business we serve, and providing effective solutions in a timely manner with reliable, high-performance security products.

Al-Manhal’s aim is to provide data and equipment protection to all customers in all sectors who are looking for more control over their businesses. This much-needed security is particularly aimed at company managers and other decision-makers.


We have a wide range of clients from the following sectors:


Armed Forces


Construction and Contracting

Power Generation (Oil and Gas)





Information Technology & Data Centers



Banking and Financial


A clients list is available upon request.