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On grid solar systems
Off grid solar systems
Hybrid solar systems
Solar System in Jordan

Types of Solar System

On Grid Solar System

On-Grid Solar Photovoltaic System
An On-Grid Solar Photovoltaic System, also known as a Grid-Tied System, is a solar power generation system which is connected to the Utility Grid, which is operated by the Distribution company supplying electricity to your location.
On-Grid Solar PV system
An On-Grid Solar PV system does not store electricity locally. Power generated by the is used against the load applied (local energy consumption). Excess power that is generated is supplied to the Utility Grid.
Similarly, when the Power generated by the Solar PV system is not enough to satisfy the requirement of the load applied, Power is imported from the Utility Grid.
On-Grid Solar generation system
Solar generation can occur any time from 7:00 am to 6:00pm depending on the orientation of the system, the weather and other factors but peak generation usually occurs between 10:00am and 2:00pm.
On Grid Solar System
The difference in units of Power imported and exported is calculated with the help of a and this reading is used for billing purposes by your Utility company.

How It Works

How does On Grid Solar System work

Advantages Of An On-Grid System

Guaranteed savings on your electricity bill

  • The power generated by an On-Grid Solar PV System is guaranteed to be cheaper than the power imported from the Utility Grid
  • The ‘buy back period’ for a Solar PV System is generally less than 5 years, meaning you can recover your investment in less than 5 years

No batteries needed

  • An On-Grid Solar PV System does not require having local storage of power
  • This eliminates a need for batteries, which brings the cost of the system down
  • It also saves the owner of the Solar PV System from maintaining and storing the batteries, thus saving

Off Grid Solar System

Off-Grid Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System
An Off-Grid Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System is a solar power generation system which is independent of the Utility Grid and is its own self-sustaining system.
Off-Grid Solar PV System
An Off-Grid Solar PV System stores power generated by the locally, in . The power required for consumption by the loads is the drawn from these charged batteries.
Off Grid Solar System
This type of system is suitable for locations where there is no Utility Grid connectivity or areas where Power Cuts are extremely frequent. An Off-Grid Solar PV System can replace diesel generators in these situations.

How It Works

How does the Off Grid Solar System work

Advantages Of An Off-Grid System

No Utility Grid access needed

  • Off-Grid Solar systems can be setup in remote locations where access to the Utility Grid is limited
  • These setups are localised and self-sustaining thus, no external equipment or support is needed

Self-sufficient system

  • An Off-Grid Solar PV System is a self-sufficient closed system and thus, it does not depend upon external factors such as power cuts for its functionality
  • This system can be used to supply power to essential equipment/appliances in locations where power cuts are frequent and regular.

Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System
A Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System is a combination of both the On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar PV Systems. Thus, it is connected to the grid while having localised power storage in the form of batteries as well.
Hybrid Solar System
The power generated by the is used to power the loads attached, used to charge the and then, supplied to the Utility Grid in that order of prioritisation.
Hybrid Solar System
This type of system is generally suitable for locations where power cuts are infrequent but perpetual supply of power is desired.

How It Works

How the Hybrid Solar System Work

Advantages Of An Hybrid System

Ensures round the clock Power supply

  • A Hybrid Solar PV System combines the best of both of On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar PV Systemsand thus, having both the grid connection and the batteries ensures that you receive round theclock power supply regardless of Grid power availability

Extremely versatile

  • A Hybrid Solar PV System can supply electricity in situations where the Grid Power is extremely unreliable and can also be tailored to particular requirements of the location by using various layouts and capacity of batteries
Utility Solar System in Jordan


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Commercial & Industrial

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