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we’re passionate about energy and technology. We strive to understand the impact of our energy use, where it comes from, and what it costs; and we want to help you understand it too.

Our goal is to save our customers money by making their homes more energy efficient through our Energy Management technology.

By reducing our customers’ energy use and saving them money, we are helping people create a healthier planet and build a brighter future for us all.

Renewable energy - Power/Remote Monitoring in Jordan

What are the advantages of power monitoring?

Ensure availability

Improve efficiency

Lower total cost of ownership

Optimize and plan for capacity

Accurately allocate power usage

Energy Monitor Devices

Help Conserve Energy and Save Money.
Identifies and Manages Wasted Energy.
Shifts demand when energy costs are high.

By identifying and managing wasted energy and providing control over how energy is used throughout the day.

Energy Monitor Devices in Jordan - Power Monitoring in Jordan

Energy App

Manage Your Smart Energy Devices

Track your energy usage.
Get savings opportunities.
Receive energy saving notifications.
Make your home more energy efficient.

We provide solutions needed to monitor and manage all aspects of an electrical distribution system. When greater reliability, increased productivity and significant cost savings are called for to remain competitive in today’s market, Al-Manhal’s products fit the bill.

Emporia App (Energy App) Power Monitoring in Jordan