Renewable energy - Biomass Energy in Jordan

Biomass Energy in Jordan

An opportunity for your company

Biogas is one of the most used alternative sources for renewable energy production.

It is the result of the fermentation, in the absence of oxygen and at controlled temperature, of substances of organic origin (animal or vegetable) by numerous bacteria.

This degradation process of biomass (coming from agricultural residues, zootechnical or sewage wastewaters, integration crops, organic fraction of municipal waste collected differently, etc.) is called anaerobic digestion.

The result is composed of biogas, which has a high calorific power and can be converted into electricity and heat thanks to a co-generator, and fermentation residue, the digestate, a liquid material that is used as a natural fertilizer in crops.

Biogas is made up from 45 to 70% of methane, and the remaining part of carbon dioxide (other substances present in a lower percentage are carbon monoxide, nitrogen, hydrogen, hydrogen sulphide).

In view of the fight against climate changes, one of the most important topics on the world agenda after the entry in force of the Paris Agreement, biogas is indicated by international institutions as one of the main resources that can guarantee energy autonomy and the gradual reduction of the current state of the air pollution and the greenhouse effect. The biogas industry, therefore, will increasingly play a decisive role in the energy transition, in the process towards decarbonisation and in the green and circular economy.

Renewable energy - Biomass Energy in Jordan

The Advantages of Biogas


Source of clean and inexhaustible energy


Generates electricity and heat


Guarantees energy autonomy


Enhance waste and by-products

Biogas Energy in Jordan

Energy is in our hands

Al-Manhal Renewable Energy invest in renewable energy, and in green and circular economy.

It proposes intelligent solutions for the energy transformation of renewable resources, developing skills and project at international level and protecting nature and biodiversity.

It acts according to the principles of environmental and social responsibility, basing its business model on an increasingly sustainable and decarbonized

economy, where renewable gas represent an opportunity and a resource for the environment and for companies.

The food industry:

New Energy Possibilities

An integrated system for energy production

Large companies in the food industry have a lot of waste that cannot be recovered easily and economically, and by-products, which reuse involves considerable costs.

MRE technologies for anaerobic digestion offer highly customized and case-studied solutions to enhance these substrates, through the perfect integration of a biogas plant in the business economic model.

An opportunity to achieve energy efficiency in the production process, reducing energy supply costs and generating a new source of income.

Agricultural and zootechnical sector

New Energy From Nature

Agri &Farm is the division specialized in the design, construction, management and assistance of biogas and biomethane plants for the agricultural and zootechnical sector.

Thanks to the modular and flexible technology, it offers a range of complete and innovative solutions for multiple application areas, representing the natural completion of a modern agro-technical company.

Waste Sector

We Turn Waste Into Renewable Energy

WASTE is the division specialized in the management and valorisation of the entire waste cycle, starting from the selection and separation phase, through the various treatments and recycling of the main components (paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, glass) up to the production of energy from the organic fraction, to the post-treatment of the material not destined to anaerobic digestion.