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The Present has become what is known as the energy audit of the establishments, and to simplify the matter briefly, it is three basic stages aimed at improving production and reducing energy losses as a result of generating, converting and transferring energy to complete the production process, and to increase production efficiency and rationalize consumption, an energy audit of the facility or system is to be done through stages.

In most establishments that consume energy, the production or operation of devices appears to be at acceptable levels, and the owner is accustomed to energy consumption expenditures for production or operation of devices in a proportion of a known range that is directly proportional to the amount of consumption accepting some energy losses which he considers insignificant, or there is no great benefit reduce it further.

Here comes the importance of the energy audit process to diagnose important problems in energy generating, conversion and storage processes within the facility, to calculate energy losses, and to suggest some solutions that contribute to improving production efficiency and reducing losses and harmful effects on the environment.

Energy Auditing Services in Jordan


To define the activities of the organization and classify it among the standard activities; or approximate the closest standard activity.

The activities can be detailed and divided if they were variant. The aim of all of this is to compare the energy performance of the organization; and help determine the goal of improvement that can be added to the current performance.

Also, it includes identifying all subsystems and utilities; and adding them to the contents of the systems list.



Evaluating the current energy management in the organization is one of the most important processes to help in diagnosis the losses. We do not mean accurate measurement of all energy consumption operations, but the initial holistic view of energy management should help in determining the workplace by setting work priorities.

The evaluation of energy management consists in studying the operation and maintenance procedures (O&M) and daily work routines in the organization.



Diagnosis means searching for the most energy consumption operations, and identifying losses in them roughly, according to the references and manufacturer information.

Diagnosis is made at the sub-system level and then at the level of the organization in general with the entire internal energy systems.

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